In addition to reporting and writing, I possess audio, video, photography and some graphic design skills. I have experience taking photographs and shooting video with the Nikon D700 and Canon Rebel cameras and editing photographs with programs such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Bridge. I also have experience using video editing programs such as Final Cut Pro X and iMovie and audio editing programs such as Audacity and Garage Band.

What is it like to live or work near I-81? Conversations with three residents

Shoppers praise the Downtown Farmers’ Market as the 2013 season nears conclusion

Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Player

Change in Central New York

A video looking at how Downtown Syracuse has changed over the years and exploring the Pike Block project.

There is also an accompanying story that comes with the video.

Visual Communications Theory and Practice

During our six-week boot camp in July 2012, we had to take a graphic design course. Check out some of the designs I produced that summer. Our projects included a résumé project, a poster project, the redesigning of a website and the creation of the cover and two pages of an iPad magazine.What is it like to live or work near I-81? Conversations with three residents


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